Zoomarine butterflies 2

Zoomarine reopens with Algarve’s first butterfly house

New attraction home to Central American and Asian species

Guia’s Zoomarine theme park is set to reopen on Tuesday, April 12 with a new attraction – the Algarve’s first butterfly house.

Entitled Butterfly Garden, the 300sqm facility is home to several species of butterflies from Central America all the way to Asia and also features more than 70 species of plants.

Zoomarine butterflies 1

“Hundreds of butterflies live at the Butterfly Garden and help us understand the important role that insects play in the environment, especially in terms of the pollination process at a time when the decrease of bees is becoming more noticeable and worrying,” the theme park says.

It adds that the new attraction will also provide a “rich experience” for schoolchildren on field trips, allowing them to explore topics such as “the interaction between organisms, camouflage, the importance of insects and their conservation.”

Zoomarine butterflies 2

Zoomarine also continues focused on providing a “memorable and safe” experience to visitors. Safety measures will remain in place as the theme park continues to follow the latest guidelines from the national health board (DGS).

In a bid to make visits even “safer and more practical”, a new payment system called Zoomarine Pay has been unveiled. It is essentially a water-proof bracelet which can be charged with money and used to make payments inside the theme park without having to use money or bank cards.

For more information or tickets, visit www.zoomarine.pt