Zoomarine prepares “extraordinary new additions” for 2024

Zoomarine to unveil “new family attraction”

Guia theme park Zoomarine has announced it will reopen in March with “surprising new additions” that will arrive throughout the year, including an “exciting new family attraction” and two” unprecedented thematic presentations”.

Zoomarine has also celebrated the success of several novelties unveiled this year, such as the “overwhelming success of the Quetzal slide” and the “numerous improvements” carried out throughout the park.

Quetzal slide

Environmental sustainability is also a more central concern, with the theme park using recycled wastewater for watering green spaces, expanding the ‘green lung’ in the park even more, installing more photovoltaic panels, reinforcing its electric fleet, and implementing more “green economy mechanisms”.

Zoomarine’s unwavering priority remains the well-being of the animal species that make up its zoo family, a care that continues during the winter months,” says the theme park in a statement to the press. “Environmental education is also inseparable from the park’s mission, through various zoo presentations for visitors, numerous local, national, and international scientific partnerships, and the incredible work of Zoomarine’s Porto d’Abrigo in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release into the wild of various aquatic and marine species.

Rehabilitation centre frequently release treated animals back into the wild
Rehabilitation centre frequently release treated animals back into the wild

Also highlighted was Zoomarine’s “active participation in species conservation beyond borders, particularly during this year’s environmental crisis in the Téfé River in the Amazon, not only with financial support but also by sending specialised care via one of Zoomarine’s veterinarians.”

Zoomarine will reopen for the 2024 season on March 7 and close on November 30. The theme park currently has a Christmas campaign with discounts of up to 25% on tickets for 2024 purchased through the official Zoomarine website. Tickets for any date in 2024 can be purchased until January 16, 2024 with a 25% discount, ranging from €16 for children or seniors to €24 for a regular ticket.