Zoomarine launches Christmas campaign with 25% discounts

Zoomarine launches Christmas campaign with 25% discounts

Guia theme park Zoomarine has launched a Christmas campaign offering 25% discounts on entrance tickets, Dolphin Emotions experiences, gift vouchers and the Zoomarine Annual Pass. The campaign will run until January 17.

The theme park is currently closed for holidays until April 12, 2022, but you can take advantage of the campaign now to enjoy lower prices when it reopens.

The Dolphin Emotions experiences allow visitors to “dive into a vast lagoon, surrounded by a mantle of fine sand, dotted with vegetation” and swim with the theme park’s famous dolphins.

The gift vouchers can be used to offer someone one or more entrances to the theme park, while the annual pass grants the holder one year of free access to Zoomarine.

The theme park stresses that visitors will be “required to comply with all admission rules in the park and participation rules in the Dolphin Emotions programme”.

The discounts are also not cumulative with other offers and campaigns, and other complementary services offered within the park are not included in the campaign.

Visit www.zoomarine.pt for more information.