Zero Covid deaths registered in Portugal on Sunday – only 2nd time this has happened…

It’s the good news in today’s bulletin. The last 24-hours have not seen one death from Covid-19 in Portuguese territory (including the archipelagos). This is only the second time this has happened since the start of the pandemic (click here). Coincidentally both times refer to the period ‘Sunday to Monday’.

There have however seen another 17 people admitted to hospital for worsening effects of the disease. The Rt (transmission) number has also increased from 0.99 to 1.

These incremental changes are not easy to grasp. For example, incidence (the number of people showing infections in 100,000) has actually fallen – from 68.3 per 100,000 at the last evaluation on Friday to 67.3.

What does it all mean? We will find out tomorrow when the next ‘meeting of experts’ is scheduled at Infarmed.

In the meantime, the active case count for the whole country (archipelagos included) is just 24,662. That’s 0.24% of the population, of which the vast majority (24,297) have not required hospital treatment – if they have even displayed symptoms.

Recoveries have been pegged at 326, while 196 cases were detected (again, weekends are notorious for having low case counts which ‘catch up’ by mid-week).

But whichever way one looks at it, the situation nationally is moving in the right direction.