Youths identified in brutal attack in Lisbon released on lightest bail term

A group of youths who attacked a motorcycle delivery man in Lisbon – supposedly to steal his bike – have been presented before a judge, and released on the lightest bail term (the obligation to remain in their area of residence).

As reports explain, the youngsters ‘area of residence’ is in fact the same place where they have been waging their attacks.

The latest – on a Bangladeshi delivery man who has been living in Portugal for the last four years – involved ‘sticks, stones and knives’, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

The victim was so badly beaten that he was later hospitalised at São José Hospital.

Eye-witnesses to the horror which took place around 10pm at night “didn’t risk intervening” because of the number of youths involved.

Says the paper, many of the youths are still enrolled at school “though not assiduous frequenters”.

Their attack,s in the Graça and Alfama districts, have been going on since the beginning of the month.

Indeed, a victim of a previous attacks helped police with the boys’ descriptions, which consequently helped authorities track them down.

In all, the youngsters were kept behind bars for five hours before being freed by a magistrate, pending a second court hearing.