Youths hijack INEM ambulance and drive off with patient inside

A group of rowdy youths attacked an INEM ambulance in Oeiras (Lisbon) in the early hours of Sunday morning, prompting first-responders to flee … leaving their victim behind.

The youths then drove off in the vehicle – with the patient on a stretcher in the back – for a bizarre ‘joyride’.

The ‘patient’ – a drunken man in his 30s suffering from a cut leg – was later found, still on the stretcher.

Explain reports, the incident began with the youths heckling INEM staff as they treated the victim.

They then moved on to ‘kicking the ambulance’.

When the staff made off in the direction of a local police station, the group took their chance with the ambulance, apparently driving it through ‘the streets of the neighbourhood’.

The vehicle was later discovered by PSP police and had to be towed back to the police pound by municipal firefighters.

No further details have been given about the victim, or whether he remained inside as the ambulance was towed to safety.