Youth employment programme remains a goal in the Algarve

Members of the social democratic party PSD in the Algarve are hoping the government will soon extend the youth employment incentives programme “Impulso Jovem” to the Algarve.

Initially, the Algarve was not included as part of the plan, announced in June, which has a support fund of more than €344 million for 90,000 young people, giving priority toregions in the north, centre and Alentejo.

Afterwards, the Government rectified the situation and then decided to integrate the Algarve in the programme.

The PSD deputies questioned the Government about their intentions regarding the scope of these measures so that Algarve could have equal access to the full package of the programme. It is relevant that this region has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Among its goals, the programme aims to help youngsters finding their first job, providing at the same time financial support for young entrepreneurs and companies which would hire young people.