You’re marvellous, mum

news: You’re marvellous, mum

Being a mother is one of the most demanding jobs in the world, but it’s not really a job is it? It’s something, which for millions of women around the world has become a way of life. If you saw that job advertisement in the classifieds, you wouldn’t be at all inclined to pick up the phone and hassle the employer for an interview, would you? It’s all too easy for us to forget what being a mother involves, especially when the tasks of motherhood, for many, have to be squeezed into the gaps left after work is over. The fact that mum doesn’t get paid for looking after her kids can make us overlook the fact that the real value of a mother’s work is far greater than any sum of money could reflect.

Mother’s Day is a time for giving thanks for all that our mums do and have done for us, and for showing them that we really do value their care and love, however much we ranted and raved at them during those difficult teenage years!

Much of what a mother does is costly, not in terms of money, but in terms of energy and personal sacrifice. She worries about you because she loves you, and that can be painful at times. When you grow up, sometimes she’ll miss that little rascal she once had. Maybe not the one who covered themselves in spaghetti at the dinner table at two-years-old or the one who made mud pies on the kitchen floor, but the one who gave her a Sunday morning cuddle – making her feel special and all gooey inside.

So this Mother’s Day thank your mum for loving, caring and looking after you and remember, if you advertised for a new one, you’d never get another one quite like your own.