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Your wish is granted

GERMAN BASED band Reamonn is going to be in Portugal for two concerts of their Wish Tour 2007. One will be at Coliseu de Lisboa on Wednesday (November 14) and the other at Teatro Sá da Bandeira in Porto on Thursday (November 15). Both shows start at 9.30pm.

Reamonn’s songs Star and Strong granted them success all over the world. The band has already been to Portugal in October 2003, as the warm-up act at the Robbie Williams’ concert at Pavilhão Atlântico.

In the last year, they have released their fourth album, Wish. The successor of Beautiful Sky, Wish has projected them on to another level, earning them a Gold Disc, and started a new stage of creative and commercial achievement for the band.

The album is linked by the theme of finding your goals and achieving your dreams and is the best record of Reamonn’s career according to many critics.

Reamonn band members came away with an album which is, in its best sense, an international sound. For Rea Garvey, lead singer of the band, it’s not an American album, it’s not a European album, it’s not a German or Irish album, it is a Reamonn album and that was what they set out to accomplish.

The reason for the longevity that connects Reamonn’s notable past with their promising future is basically that they’re five parts of a whole. This isn’t a story of the Irish frontman and four German guys trying to get a note in edgewise.

They’re friends and collaborate with each other, and write as a unit. It is a band not made of individuals but a group that works together to achieve their goals.

They also released a new album this year entitled Wish Live, with songs of their successful Wish Tour 2007, which is, in many ways, for their thousands of fans.

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