RAIN HAS been predicted for this weekend by the Meteorological Institute (IM) along with thunder and lightning in some areas of Portugal.

Today’s (Friday’s) weather is expected to be sunny with moderate cloud cover but rain and thunder and lightning are expected tomorrow (Saturday). The temperature will not be gravely affected by the rain, with highs of 30˚C and lows of 14˚C.

The Algarve is expected to be less affected than other regions and thunder and lightning is said to be unlikely. Temperatures are also less affected, with predictions of a low of 20˚C and a high of 27˚C. This rain is due to clear up on Sunday but clouds will remain and temperatures are not expected to rise above 22˚C.

Thunder and lightning are predicted in Portalegre, Castelo Branco, Santarém, Beja, Guarda and Bragança but this will give way to rain with sunny intervals on Sunday.

Lisbon and Porto, like the Algarve, are not expected to be as affected as other areas. Showers with sunny intervals have been predicted for tomorrow and highs of 27˚C and 30˚C and lows of 21˚C and 18˚C, respectively.

The weather in southern parts of Portugal, up to Lisbon, will begin to clear up but the north will remain wet with sunny intervals.