Your dream woman awaits you!

Up until recent years, the idea of beauty products for men was met with criticism and even disgust. Things, however, have changed.

Nowadays there is all kind of grooming products available, not just for the man who is in touch with his feminine side, but also for the rough and ready man’s man.

If you don’t feel quite ready for that ‘manscara’ or eye liner just yet, you can start with a simple moisturising regime morning and night, using some of the many creams and lotions targeted just for men.  

There are numerous brands now taking advantage of this colossal mass market that had previously been untouched. L’Oreal, Gillette and Nivea are just a few with some great, reasonably priced items to suit the many different skin types. In an effort to prove that such products are used by ‘real’ men, L’Oreal’s latest advertising campaign features Matthew Fox – made famous by the popular Lost TV series.

You may have noticed an increased number of commercials targeting the man with grey hair or a few extra wrinkles. Just For Men, for instance, claims to target just the grey hairs and suggests, in their latest advert, that you might even get the woman of your dreams should you use their product (!).

There are now even spas offering exclusive treatments for men, back waxing being a popular choice, although simple massages are available for those feeling a little less brave.

Contact any of the local spas for information on their exclusive ‘men only’ treatments.

Most men products are available to buy from most good supermarkets along the Algarve, or alternatively visit beauty shops or pharmacies for a wider range of alternative grooming ideas.