Your creation

THE JOY of having your own swimming pool is a common luxury in the Algarve, however, too many of us fall into the trap of not putting enough thought into making sure we get the best pool for our particular situation.

Waterair is a leading manufacturer of family swimming pools in kit form, offering an exceptional choice of models to enable you to build a pool that will be an original creation. Although the company is French, it has had a base in the Algarve for the past 12 years.

Waterair offers over 200,000 different pool designs. It is possible to customise one of their nine different styles, choosing from four different types of liner including Waterair’s own exclusive “Marbella” liner. It offers four different types of flooring for different depths and three styles of steps for your pool. The company also manufactures its own coping stones to line the edges of the pool and protect against slipping.

One of the benefits of investing in a pool in kit form is that you can actually construct the pool yourself. Many of Waterair’s clients choose this method to save money, however, Waterair is always on hand to assist and will help with the installation of the more complex equipment such as heating, filters, underwater spotlights and safety covers. If you do choose to have Waterair construct the pool for you, it will have it ready within two weeks of delivery.

As one of the first major pool installation companies in the Algarve, Waterair has witnessed the industry become increasingly competitive. What sets the company apart from its competitors is the use of its own patented techniques and technology. The framework on Waterair pools is made of thick corrugated steel panels, coated with a quadruple protective system that gives them mechanical strength and an exceptionally long life. The corrugated steel panels are fixed to each other with double bolts, with no need for welding or riveting.

Waterair’s construction techniques mean that the swimming pools are entirely self-supporting and can be installed in all types of natural soil, including slopes, with no need for a concrete screed or reinforcing masonry. Most importantly, they are resistant to the effects of underground earth tremors, which are commonplace in the Algarve and, therefore, immune to water leakage.

Waterair deals directly with the manufacturers in France, meaning that they can offer you quality pools at a low cost. It offers an after-sales service, meaning that if you come across any problems with your pool, you can call the Waterair team and they will give you advice on how to remedy the situation and provide maintenance if necessary. Furthermore, Waterair offers a free location study where an engineer will come to your garden and advise the best setting for a prospective pool.

Waterair has recently opened a new show park located on the EN125, immediately west of Aqualand. You can drop in to find out about the right pool for you or call to book an appointment with one of the sales team. It is open from Monday to Saturday during working hours. To make an appointment with one of the sales team call 937 278 402, 934 983 643, 939 217 109 or contact the Parchal office on 282 417 144.