Youngest Spelling Bee competitor

Lori Anne Madison, six, of Virginia, America, is the youngest participant ever to compete in the preliminary round of the US National Spelling Bee, getting off to a successful start by spelling “dirigible.”

Competing alongside contestants aged up to 15 for the US Spelling Bee title and a prize worth almost $40,000, Lori Anne Madison was given the word “dirigible” to spell .

After lowering the microphone to meet her height, the six-year-old asked for a definition. She then promptly spelled the word and walked off with a smile.

Other contestants correctly spelled words such as “philately”, the study of postage stamps and postal history; “hafiz”, a term for someone who has memorized the Koran; and “flibbertigibbet” to describe a flighty person. The competition began with “witticism”.

Contestants are eliminated once they misspell a word.