Young woman dies after police ‘shoot at fleeing vehicle’

A 23-year-old woman has died in hospital in Aveiro from gun-shot injuries hours after police fired at a fleeing vehicle. PJ police are now investigating.

The incident happened in the early hours in São João da Madeira during a PSP operation against thefts from parked cars.

According to a release issued by the PSP, agents were on the ground investigating “the existence of various thefts from vehicles in a certain part of the town” when at midnight they detected “a suspicious vehicle circulating in the area where the thefts occurred, with its lights off, stopping next to parked cars.

“Moments later a sound corresponding to the breaking of the window of a car parked in the vicinity was heard, indicating criminal practice”.

The agents “approached the occupants” of the suspicious car, and during this approach they “effected shots, in circumstances that have still to be determined”.

Even so, the ‘suspicious’ vehicle “managed to flee the scene”.

Later, a young woman of 23 entered Hospital de São João de Madeira with gunshot wounds “supposedly related” to the incident.

Says Lusa, “she entered into cardiorespiratory arrest and died in hospital”.

The PSP release says two inspectors of the PSP Inspection unit have since undertaken preliminary analysis of events while the matter is now in the hands of the PJ criminal police and IGAI, the authority that investigates internal administration.

For now the young woman has not been further identified.

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