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Young mum “fighting for life” over concerns of mystery bacteria

A distraught husband and new father is citing medical negligence over the desperate case of his 27-year-old wife, who entered hospital to give birth by Caesarian section “perfectly healthy” and is now fighting for her life in hospital.

Carlos Almeida is lodging court actions against the doctor and Viseu hospital, adding that no-one is telling him anything.

“One doctor said that her condition is serious, and that she has been more there than here,” the 34-year-old told Correio da Manhã, but the hospital’s PR spokesman Hugo Santos has refused to be drawn, saying only that the hospital will be addressing Carlos Almeida’s complaints posted in their complaints book.

The problems started after Sandra Silva gave birth to baby Afonso on July 5.

On the day she was due for discharge she was running a 39º temperature and complaining of “increasingly intense”stomach aches, which the doctors told her were “normal”.

It was only after a CAT scan, that “bruises were detected”, explains CM, and Sandra was submitted to a second operation.

“It could be that a bacteria is the cause” of her condition, which has not improved, says the paper – but no-one is saying “anything concrete”.

“After the operation, answers to the husband’s questions are becoming more and more vague and frightening,” CM adds.

As Carlos Almeida resorts to telling the nation’s press of his heartache, little Afonso is described as “healthy”.

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