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Young man in wheelchair barred admission to Lisbon disco

In yet another incident where social media appears to be leading the ‘news’, Sol runs with the story that a young man in a wheelchair has been barred entry to a Lisbon disco.

Following a post by comedian and TV personality Nuno Markl, Sol’s story refers to an incident last weekend which is now ‘generating a wave of indignation’ among Facebookers – particularly because, in the end, the young man was told he could gain entry if he paid €300!

Initially, reasons given were the absence of a ramp and specially-adapted toilets.

But when the young man’s friends demanded the complaint’s book, these dissipated in favour of the quite hefty admission fee.

Said the young man in question, Ricardo Antunes: “After 21 years in a wheelchair, I felt discrimination. What a horrible feeling.

“I have been in many nightspots, without ramps or specially-adapted WCs, and never was I treated in such a way. It is very sad, and it hurts.”

The disco in question, Bosq, has the added ignominy now of having a less than complimentary image using its name circulating on social media.

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