Young man in tragic death plunge at Arade River

A young man was found dead on Sunday morning (February 27) after falling into the Arade River in Portimão after a purported night out with friends.

The youth has not yet been identified but is believed to be “in his early 20s and Portuguese”, Portimão port captain Santos Arrabaça told the Resident.

A witness saw the youngster “staggering” along the riverside at around 7pm and falling onto the rocks shortly afterwards, according to Correio da Manhã tabloid.

Locals tried to save him but the body was only found around two-and-a-half hours later “two metres deep in the water” by divers from the Portimão firefighters.

The body was taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine where it is due to undergo an autopsy.

Several locals have taken to Facebook group ‘Portimão Sempre’ to demand some kind of “protective wall or rail” along the Portimão riverside, like in other Algarve towns such as Vila Real de Santo António.

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