Young Lagos woman kills partner “in self defence”

A 24-year-old Lagos woman described as “seven months pregnant” is reported to have stabbed her partner to death in what she claims was “self defence” in the early hours of Thursday morning (March 3).

According to media reports, the man, also 24, tried to attack the woman after arriving “drunk” at their apartment in Lagos’ Rua António José de Almeida.

The woman used a knife to protect herself and ended up inflicting a fatal stab wound to her partner’s chest.

The woman was arrested by PSP police after calling INEM emergency services at around 4am.

CMTV ‘s report described the scene as “very bloody,” while SIC Notícias claimed the woman had filed at least two complaints for domestic violence against her partner in 2014.

The couple was reportedly unemployed. The man was described as Cape-Verdean while the woman’s nationality has not been confirmed.

Portimão’s PJ criminal police are investigating.

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