Young German woman run-over and killed on A2 motorway in Algarve

Details are still unclear on how a young German woman came to be run over on the A2 motorway last night, near Monte Branco in the borough of Silves (see update below).

Say reports this morning, the 22-year-old died after being hit by a car at the 231 km marker, running south to north.

The incident took place shortly before 9.30pm.

The driver of the car was slightly injured.

A total of 19 emergency personnel attended, included INEM, GNR, firefighters from Albufeira and Brisa (motorway) staff.

No further information has been made public.

Authorities are described as “investigating the causes of the incident”.


The circumstances behind this tragedy have been described this morning by tabloid Correio da Manhã.

It appears that the German victim had been involved in a discussion with her boyfriend while the car they were in was pulled in on the side of the motorway for the driver to urinate.

The young woman, her boyfriend and the driver of the car had all been drinking.

CM says the young victim left the car and started to run down the motorway “in an erratic way, until she was hit by a passing car”.

The boyfriend also left the car and was following.

He was later found by GNR police, walking alongside the A2, “unaware there had been an accident”.

The driver of the car that hit the German woman was treated in hospital for shock, while the driver of the car she had been a passenger in “only realised what had happened when emergency response teams arrived”.

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