Young couple dies after landslide engulfs family home in Esposende
Huge rocks appear to have hit the back of the house: Image: Hugo Delgado/ Lusa

Young couple dies after landslide engulfs family home in Esposende

Four others, including two children, rescued alive

A young couple died in the early hours of this morning when a landslide, provoked by heavy rains – engulfed a family home in Palmeira de Faro, Esposende.

The pair has been described as parents of the children, also sleeping in the property, who were rescued alive.

Also pulled to safety was an older couple, ages given between 40-50.

The alert went out just before 4am this morning. Rescue workers swiftly evacuated people from neighbouring properties.

Explain reports, the landslide involved rocks and stones of “some dimension” which appear to have “hit a room at the back of the property”, in which the young couple will have been sleeping.

As of early this morning, their bodies had still not been recovered.

An “evaluation” of the situation was being made by municipal engineers – and until this has been completed, firefighters at the scene will be on standby.

Said Braga’s commander of Civil Protection Rui Costa, “this will definitely be a long operation”.

There is absolutely no doubt that this tragedy was sparked by heavy rains that have been falling in the Minho district for some days now.

UPDATE 4pm: The young victims’ bodies have been recovered from the rubble of the house and transported for autopsy to the Viana do Castelo Institute of Legal Medicine.

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