Image from today's student protest by Miguel A. Lopes/ Lusa
Image from today's student protest by Miguel A. Lopes/ Lusa

Young climate activists detained after targeting Council of Ministers

Activists succeeded in delaying meeting scheduled for 9.30am

PSP police detained 16 young climate activists this morning following an attempted blockade of premises where the weekly Council of Ministers had been scheduled.

According to reports, the meeting did not go ahead as planned, and may now have to move to the prime minister’s official residence in São Bento.

Meantime, at least four activists were arrested in a group of around 20, representing the Student Climate Strike (Greve Climática Estudantil) group that has carried out similar actions in the past.

Beatriz Xavier, described as a spokesperson for the group, has explained today’s tactics involved youngsters ‘gluing themselves to the gates’ of the premises (this time, the Council of Ministers was set to meet at IPMA meteorological institute in Algés, the borough of Oeiras) and creating ‘human chains’ with the use of metal piping.

Said seasoned activist Xavier: “It is unacceptable that governments don’t put the climate crisis at the centre of discussions. Humanity has just registered one of the hottest months of all time. Temperatures are only going to become more intense. We knew this when we began our first protests in 2019 (…) We do not want to be here”, she added. “No-one takes us seriously. According to the latest UN report, we are on the limit. 2023 is a fulcral year…”

PSP police block access to IPMA’s premises

According to reports, a cordon of police cars was set up to block access to the headquarters of IPMA – meaning arrivals for the planned meeting, as well as IPMA regular personnel, could not get close.

Source material: SIC Notícias