Young Algarve business group demands “immediate 50% cut” in A22 toll charges

Teaming up with PSD Algarve, ANJE – the association of young Algarve business people – has called for an immediate 50% cut on A22 toll charges.

Accepting that tolls are almost certainly here to stay, ANJE says nonetheless that the Algarve is being hammered by “unbearable costs” that stifle the local economy.

Joining new calls from PSD Algarve, the group says the government must act, and fast.

The demands came just a week after João Vasconcelos, the leader of anti-toll group CUVI now a Left Bloc MP, vowed he would “not give up” on the four-year fight (click hereclick here).

While Vasconcelos wants to abolish tolls altogether, the PSD stance is that they have to be “reduced immediately” and that the government must renegotiate “ruinous public-private partnerships” relating to road concessions.

Former prime minister and PSD leader Pedro Passos Coelho suggested during his electoral campaign that a new PSD government would revise motorway toll prices (click here).

But PSD Algarve say their latest stance has been prompted by Prime Minister António Costa’s campaign statement, promising tolls would “be revised and in some cases eliminated (click here).

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