You world this month

GEMINI (May 20 to Jun 21)

The full Moon in your opposite sign of Sagittarius brings emotional issues to a head on the third of this month. You will need to exercise a great deal of patience with partners of all kinds, particularly around midday when the Moon moves to conjunct the planet Pluto, requiring you to put an end to nonsense, once and for all! The restraining influence of Saturn in your solar house of income may give cause for frustration – but in fact this could be viewed by some as a blessing in disguise, since you are required to restructure your material life in a slow and sensible manner, without running headlong into a situation which could bring financial difficulty or be a burden to you in one way or another. The erratic planet Uranus turns retrograde on the June 10 and bright ideas may have to be put on hold for the next few months. However, you are likely to see some uplift around June 17, when your ruling planet Mercury unites with the new Moon in your sign, which is reinforced around June 26 by Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn and things begin to fall into place.

CANCER (Jun 21 to Jul 22)

Your outlook is likely to be optimistic this month and your working environment becomes more pleasant after the full Moon on June 3. There is harmony with your partnerships and money issues are not so pressing. You are advised, however, not to over-spend or you could find yourself back to square one and you need to put something aside for a ‘rainy day’. The planet Venus is in conflict with the generous Jupiter around June 19 and you will need to exercise restraint and hold tightly to your purse strings. The Sun enters your sign on June 21 and your energy levels are likely to be high particularly around June 22, when Mercury the messenger is in harmony with Uranus the planet of inspiration and innovation. This can be a time of personal satisfaction through transformation, as this month, particularly around June 28, with the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Uranus, all in harmony in the water signs.

LEO (Jul 21 to Aug 22)

Your prospects have improved somewhat and your horizons are a good deal brighter than they have been for some time. The planet Mercury ends his transit through your solar house of ambition on June 5 leaving you with a sense of achievement as you apply yourself to your new course of direction. June 10 would be a good time to attend to any financial matters as the planet Uranus turns retrograde and you are advised to tie up any loose ends, as far as money matters go. It might be a good idea for you to keep your thoughts to yourself during the first half of this month, otherwise you could unintentionally incite some resentment from friends or colleagues – although your intentions are good, people are reluctant to make changes, even for the better. The fiery planet Mars enters your sign on June 23 and with the assistance of Mercury’s aspect to Jupiter on June 25 you can state your case with honesty and integrity, confident that your ideas will be well received. The planet Venus, currently retrograde in your solar house of friendship, moves forward on June 29 and you feel established at last in your new role.

VIRGO (Aug 22 to Sep 22)

Your path is fairly straightforward this month with few obstacles – if any. You know where you are going and what you have to accomplish in the practical sense. The Sun’s opposition to Pluto on June 11 in your solar house relating to your home and domestic affairs, puts you in an even more determined frame of mind to stick to your guns – no matter what. The outcome is a feeling of satisfaction of a job well done. The slight conflict between the planet Venus and the generous giant Jupiter is considerably tempered by your ruling planet Mercury as he begins his transit through the sign of Cancer in your solar house of friendship all of which takes place on June 19, when friends rally round and give full support. When the fiery planet Mars enters the sign of Leo on June 23 you could be feeling in need of a well earned rest and you would be well advised to take it easy for the rest of this month – or at least until Venus moves forward on June 29.

LIBRA (Sep 22 to Oct 23)

The end of last month may have left you with a ‘damp squib’ feeling of inexplicable fatigue and weariness. However, The Moon’s conjunction with the powerful Pluto on June 3 should give your energy a boost and put you back on top. Mercury’s conflict to the planet Uranus on June 9 puts an end to speculation and resolves matters in your solar house of work and health. Your ruling planet Venus, currently retrograde in the sign of Gemini, moves to conflict with the generous Jupiter on June 19 and you will need to pay close attention to money matters. Home and family affairs may pull at your heart strings around June 20 when the Moon moves to conjunct Mars in the home loving sign of Cancer, lending an air of nostalgia to the proceedings. The Sun makes a brilliant aspect to the inspirational Uranus on June 28 and you suddenly see your way with a clear vision for the future. Venus moves forward on June 29 – and so will you.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 to Nov 21)

You are extremely supportive of others through troubled times, often receiving no word of thanks as people tend to take you for granted – not that they mean to hurt you, it just happens that way. You are a person who keeps your feelings to yourself and others cannot be expected to know how you feel. You have an opportunity on June 6, when the Sun makes a very favourable aspect to Neptune to show your true feelings and to get a few unsaid words off your chest. The generous Jupiter is transiting the sign of Virgo, in your solar house of friendship and the aspects between Jupiter and Venus and the moon on June 19 bring some relief. The energetic planet Mars enters the sign of Leo on June 23 in your solar house of ambition, assisting any plans that you might be entertaining in the direction of a career move. At the same time, Mercury and Uranus bring forth some very creative ideas. June 28 and June 29 are likely to be extremely productive on the home front.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 21 to Dec 21)

You may be looking back and reflecting on some past events at the start of this month. However, we cannot turn back the clock and the only way is forward. Your optimism and enthusiasm for life are likely to return around June 7, with the Moon’s conjunction to Neptune in the sign of Aquarius in your solar house of thought and communication. The harmonious planet Venus makes a very favourable aspect to the mystical Neptune on June 12 in your solar house of partnership, when you find yourself whisked away on a magical journey (metaphorically speaking), which might revive some of that old lost romance. Money matters could become troublesome on June 20 if you allow yourself to get carried away with over generosity towards friends and family. The Moon’s aspect to the powerful planet Pluto on June 22 casts light on an unresolved issue and enables you to see clearly how to deal with what might have been termed a “tricky situation”. The planet Venus moves forward in the sign of Gemini on June 29 and you are able to exercise diplomacy and tact to your advantage.

CAPRICORN (Dec 21 to Jan 19)

You may feel as if you have been wading through treacle of late as your ruling planet Saturn is currently transiting your opposite sign of Cancer. However, a glimmer of light begins to break through the clouds after June 3 and your energy begins to return, slowly but surely. Marriage and partnerships have given cause for concern recently and a solution is on the horizon around June 23 when the fiery Mars exits your solar house of marriage and moves into the fire sign of Leo where he feels more at home. June 9 is an important day for decisions and communications of all kinds and you may have to put your thinking cap on in order to come up with some answers. June 22 is a day of inspired thought and you give consideration to an idea or project that is presented for your approval. Once your decision is made you will find your self-motivation returning to carry you into something new and exciting. The planet Venus moves forward on June 29 and finances start to flow naturally.

AQUARIUS (Jan 19 to Feb 18)

Things may be unclear in some areas of your life while the illusionary Neptune is retrograde in your sign. The only thing you can do is to proceed slowly, with blind faith that every thing will work out for the best in the long run. The Moon’s aspect to Mercury on June 6 brings some clarity into your situation and the Moon’s aspect to Neptune on June 7 helps to ease your mind. There is however still some uncertainty, while the planet Venus is retrograde in the sign of Gemini – although things steadily improve as this month progresses. The slight conflict between Venus and Jupiter on June 19 may open the way for an opportunity in the area of speculation or long term investment of some kind. The fiery planet Mars moves into your solar house of partnership in the sign of Leo on June 23, bringing a level of commitment into existing partnerships and introducing a new dimension to your personal life. The Sun, on June 28, is very favourable to your ruling planet Uranus currently retrograde in the sign of Pisces in your solar house of income, and as Venus moves forward on June 29 you are likely to receive some financial benefits.

PISCES (Feb 18 to Mar 20)

You are likely to be feeling the benefits of the planet Jupiter’s forward movement in your opposite sign of Virgo, simply because any tension between you and your partner should now have eased considerably. The full moon on June 3 in conjunction with the powerful Pluto has no doubt played a part in clearing up domestic issues on the home front. The Moon’s conjunction with the inspirational and sometimes eccentric planet Uranus on June 8 brings some humour onto the scene by way of an incident or occurrence, that could be termed bizarre and you can only laugh at (or with) yourself. The planet Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer on June 19 and the conflict between Venus and Jupiter is likely to compel you to vent your feelings and clear the air – doing no real damage as all is healed by the time the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21. The Moon’s conjunction with Jupiter in your solar house of partnership on June 24 brings you into harmony with yourself and others around you, and by the time Venus moves forward on June 29 you are in a much happier frame of mind.

ARIES (Mar 20 to April 19)

You still are doing a lot of dashing about, or so it seems to others around you, although those Rams born in the early part of the sign (i.e. last week of March) have slowed down a pace. The Moon on June 5 moves to oppose your ruling planet Mars and you will need to stop and think before you act, or you might find yourself out of your depth. Mercury’s conflict with Uranus on June 9 might incite you to open your mouth and ‘put your foot in it’, so forewarned is forearmed! However, the harmonious Venus steps in to assist with damage repairs by making a favourable aspect to Neptune on June 11 and while Mars waves his sword around, Venus is not far behind with the ointment and the bandages. Financially, things this month could be described as a bit tight – but not impossible to manage and Mars enters the sunny and sociable sign of Leo on June 23 when money matters are likely to become a little easier. There is a new career move ahead for many Aries people, which is likely to materialise around June 29 when Venus moves forward and the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, your house of legal and financial affairs.

TAURUS (Apr 23 to May 20)

You may feel that you have suffered a disappointment at the start of this month, but this is not the end of the story and things continue to improve within the next few weeks. There is a great deal of planetary activity in the sign of Gemini, your solar house of income and possessions, in particular your ruling planet Venus, which is currently retrograde in the sign of Gemini for most of this month. Mercury, the planet of communication and travel begins his transit of Gemini on June 5 when you may feel in a generous mood particularly towards younger family members. You may consider a business proposal around June 7, which you would be advised to ponder slowly over the pro’s and con’s, as Mercury moves into conflict with Uranus on June 9 and a hasty decision would be inadvisable. Partners are likely to be demanding around June 11 with the Sun’s conflict to Pluto, but the storm soon subsides and harmony is restored by June 12. The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer on June 21 and you are likely to feel inclined to travel, seeking pastures new, as the month draws to a close.