You snooze – you lose

news: You snooze – you lose

TO PROVE just how comfortable the new beds are at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Towers, the hotel recently held a competition with some game for a laugh volunteers – to find out which contestant could stay awake the longest, lying on one of their renowned Sweet Sleeper beds.

The Resident was invited along to the competition and launch of the new US manufactured Sweet Sleeper bed, and yes they do feel very comfortable indeed. According to a sleep study survey performed by Guideline Research and Consulting, business and leisure travellers alike believe that a comfortable bed is the most important item in a hotel room. The Sheraton Group has recognized this for a number of years, and supplies only first class beds in its hotels. The Sweet Sleeper bed will be standard throughout the whole of the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel and Towers very soon, so when driving past the Sheraton in the future, don’t worry about the noise you make – guests will be sleeping well on a tried and tested bed.

The Resident reporter, Bob Hughes spoke to two of the contestants in the competition, neither of whom had ever tried anything like it before, but both were adamant that it would be easy to stay awake. Mira Dragão from Quinta da Conde said she would win easily while Alexandre Perreira of Lisbon said that the glass of beer he was drinking would help him win! The Resident left before the contest was concluded, but one thing is for sure, it was no easy competition! Bob Hughes