You may be reading this just before easter.jpg

You may be reading this just before easter

You may be reading this just before Easter – and, of course, Easter means loads of eggs – both hens’ eggs and chocolate ones.  The tradition of painting hard-boiled eggs (and hiding them in the garden or the house) is known throughout Europe, though I am reliably informed that here in Portugal many people actually blow the innards from the egg before decorating it.

Chocolate is in abundance, and many of the eggs on offer are made from some really quite disgusting sugar concoction. However, it is now possible to purchase chocolate Easter eggs with well known branding such as Mars, Maltesers and All Gold from major supermarkets.  But, for me, a bar of Green & Black’s Organic chocolate is far better.  There is still time to get a friend or relative from the UK to bring some over for you. With its rich, long taste, you will become hooked.  But because it has a long taste and is so satisfying, it is possible just to have a square or two and put it back in the fridge for the next time.  Available in a variety of flavours, my favourites are Dark with Crystallised Ginger and Dark with Orange and Spices.  Tesco stores sell some varieties and you can purchase these either directly online or through one of our advertisers offering this service.