You could be the next lucky winner!.jpg

You could be the next lucky winner!

THE RESIDENT’S motto “we lead, others follow” took on a different meaning on Saturday, June 24, at Intermarché in Lagoa. This time, we followed … the winner, that is, of the first of many Supermarket Grabs, in association with the three Intermarché stores in the Algarve.

The first envelope, drawn from 391 correct entries received, was from Mr. Pat and Mrs. Maureen Kelly from Ferragudo. Both arrived at 8am to run the aisles of the Lagoa Intermarché for three minutes and collect as much from the shelves as they could, for free. Both were wearing their running shoes, but it was Mrs. Kelly who chose her trolley from the three we had lined up and decided that she would run the gauntlett while her husband looked on.

After the rules had been explained for the final time, the claxon sounded and Maureen was off, escorted by The Resident’s Portimão and Lagoa area sales representative, Lesley Miller. The first item that Maureen grabbed was a crate of beer – obviously for husband Pat, who not only looked on but shouted words of encouragement, especially after Maureen had loaded his beer safely into the trolley!

Enthusiastically, Lesley shouted to Maureen advising her what aisles were coming next – and panic! Jam – lots of jam – which ones to choose – such a selection, but then they were quickly off again. On to the freezer section – English sausages, English bacon, Kingsmill Bread helped along by cheers from the meat counter staff, who were excitedly stacking the shelves for the morning opening at 8.30am. And the claxon sounded again. Finished.

A tired, out of breath Maureen was led to the till for the contents of her trolley, which ran straight and true, to be added up and packed away. All items were within the rules and there were no duplicates, although “Maureen made some strange choices”, remarked husband Pat as he packed away the 25.49 euro jar of Foie Gras.

Beaming from ear to ear, Maureen thanked Sr. Philippe Bourroux, owner and manager of Intermarché Lagoa, and Mark Rawcliffe, The Resident’s Operations Director, for their generosity, and wheeled her 175.98 euro Supermarket Grab to her car for Pat to load into the boot.

As the trolley went back to the stand, a flushed, yet content Maureen told The Resident’s Lesley Miller: “I have never won anything like this before. It has given me a chance to try new foods I would never have tried otherwise.”

Pat went on to say: “During the 18 years we have lived in the Algarve, we have seen more and more English products arrive into the local supermarkets, but Intermarché is the store we come to for our shopping. They certainly have a good selection to choose from.”