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You are getting on my nerves!

“The nervous system is that mechanism that enables all forms of animal life to react to their environment. In addition the nervous system controls and regulates the activities of all other systems of the body and enables them to co-ordinate their activities for the benefit of the organism as a whole.” (Gray’s Anatomy)

Since its inception in 1895, the rudimentary aim of Chiropractic has been to try to get the spinal column moving to its optimum capability, and therefore allowing the spinal cord and the exiting nerves from the spine to flow without any irritation.

The Chiropractic philosophy is that the nervous system co-ordinates all body functions and that regular Chiropractic spinal care improves nervous system performance and well-being.

When the spine locks or gets blocked at a particular level, the nerves become irritated and inflamed; symptoms such as sciatica, numbness, pins and needles, headaches, dizziness, chest pain, etc, can be initiated.  

Ground-breaking research has identified the actual changes that occur in the body during Chiropractic spinal adjustments. An EEG study, which measures brain activity, was conducted by award-winning Auckland researcher, Dr. Heidi Haavik-Taylor. It demonstrates that Chiropractic spinal adjustments send signals to the brain that change the way the brain controls muscles. It has been likened to the rebooting of a computer and there is now scientific evidence that Chiropractic can stimulate the nervous system and improve the whole function of the human body.

Tracy Bown BSc., DC and Nick Bach-Price BSc, DC have 28 years of combined clinical experience. Contact Lagos Chiropractic Centre on 282 768 044