Yobbish behaviour

Yobbish behaviour

Dear Editor,

My partner and I have just moved to the Algarve from England and, despite the weather being very similar to the west Yorkshire we left three weeks ago, rainy, most of life so far has been excellent.

However, one incident this week has absolutely devastated us and left the pair of us thinking over our future options.

We brought our seven animals (three dogs, three horses and a cat) with us. The area we have moved to is a lovely quiet spot with a pleasant mixture of expatriates and local Algarveans. The latter have been very helpful and informative.

Imagine our utter shock one morning to find our eight-year-old foal mare with approximately 90cm hacked off her lovely long flaxen tail.

This type of evil, yobbish behaviour is something we Brits have come to experience occasionally back home, but we had hoped not in Portugal.

Whoever did this disgusting and shameful act is, we appreciate, in a tiny tiny minority, but we hope you publish this letter in you paper, to at least warn other horse owners in the Algarve to be on their guard.

Les Marles


Dear Les,

Thank-you for your letter, and please accept my deepest sympathy for your situation. As far as I am aware this behaviour is not usual in the Algarve, however any reader who has had a similar experience please contact The Resident office on any of the ways listed below and we will investigate this situation further.