Yellowfish Travel celebrates 10 years of success

Yellowfish Travel celebrates 10 years of success

Yellowfish Travel – the Algarvian company that owns the Yellowfish Transfers, Yellowfish Adventure and Kwako brands – celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this month.

The event was held on Saturday, February 8 at the Monte do Serrinho Country House in São Bartolomeu de Messines and was attended by around 100 people, including board members, employees and representatives from the company’s partners.

The festivities started at 5pm and included dinner and speeches by company directors Nuno Silva and Cláudio Guerreiro who provided an overview of the last 10 years and thanked everyone who has supported Yellowfish Travel over the years.

There was also a wealth of entertainment including the lighthearted Yellowfish Awards, during which the work of some employees and board members was praised and recognised.

Yellowfish Travel is a leading company in the segment of private airport transfers in the Algarve. In the last three years, it was awarded the prestigious ‘PME Excelência’ brand, which highlights the “excellence of small- and medium-sized companies” in Portugal.

While there are “many projects and plans in store for the future”, Yellowfish Travel says that “our clients are at the centre of everything. We dedicate all our attention to them, and they are the main players in our success”.