Year 13 student receives Tony Wood Award
Sílvia, Noah and Karen

Year 13 student receives Tony Wood Award

This year’s Tony Wood Award, presented by Aljezur International School, has been won by year 13 student Noah O’Neill Langdon.

The annual award is given in memory of retired fire chief Tony Wood, a valued friend and supporter of the school who sadly passed away in December 2011 following a short battle with cancer.

The annual award began in June 2012 and every year students are asked to nominate three of their peers who they feel have shown outstanding compassion and kindness throughout the academic year.  The student with the most nominations wins, and Noah, who has been a student at Aljezur International since 2016, was overwhelmed when this year’s result was announced.

Year 13 student receives Tony Wood Award
Tony Wood

“This school has provided me with the best education I could dream of,” Noah said. “I am so sad to be leaving but I will always feel a part of the Aljezur International family and cannot thank them enough for the last six years.”

Every year, before the award is announced, all the students at Aljezur International are presented with “Being the Best At…” certificates.  This year the students, led by Ella Leverington, then surprised the crowd of teachers, parents and students by turning the tables and also presenting their teachers with “Being the Best At…” awards which was a delightful break with tradition.

Tony’s wife, Sue, and his daughter Sophie usually present the award but unfortunately could only join on Zoom this year.

Sue said: “It is wonderful that the school Tony was so fond of keeps his memory alive in Portugal by presenting this award every year.  Before he retired, Tony was presented with the Queen’s Fire Service Award at Buckingham Palace and it meant more to him than any of his other medals because his peers nominated him.  It’s perfect that the Tony Wood Award is given in the same spirit.”