Yacht carrying 122 kilos of cocaine apprehended in Madeira

A yacht carrying 122 kilos of cocaine destined for Spain has been apprehended in Madeira and its two crewmembers – a Spaniard and a man from Uruguay – are due to appear in court today (Tuesday).

According to reports, the “Calma”, sailing under a British flag, was boarded by Funchal criminal police shortly after it arrived on Madeira’s Calheta island on Monday.

It had been tracked from Uruguay, writes Correio da Manhã, by authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now, it is up to Uruguayan and Spanish police to inform Portuguese counterparts whether either of the crewmembers have criminal records.

The value of the haul has yet to be estimated, but a source from PJ criminal police told CM it would certainly have fetched “many thousands of euros”.

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