Xenophobia in Portugal

Dear Sirs,
You might not be aware of it, but there is quite some xenophobia in Portugal and not just by illiterate peasants. We are experiencing this ourselves and friends from Coimbra – a lawyer and a judge – have even openly admitted that screwing foreigners in the legal system is a long-time Portuguese tradition. Already 12 years ago or so, we read an article stating that jail sentences and fines for foreigners tend to be nearly double of what they are for Portuguese.
We have a neighbour terrorising us, because he does not want us to use any water of the ‘barragem comum’ for ourselves. He wants it all, which will allow him to sell another part of his land, where he has three ‘barragens’ of his own. Apart from hundreds of acts of sabotage of our irrigation system, he has destroyed young fruit trees, shot at me with an air rifle, tried to hit my wife with a piece of concrete iron, etc. There is massive circumstantial evidence and in every normal society this man would have been convicted already long ago, but this is Africa apparently and absolutely nothing is done.
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