X-rays cause havoc

Last weekend, hundreds of passengers were forced to stand for hours at baggage control in Faro airport before boarding their flights. Apparently, the source of the delays was the new and improved x-ray machines, now in place to check hand luggage.

According to Faro Airport’s press spokesman, Rui Oliveira, travellers had to queue for longer than normal as the x-ray is extremely sensitive and picks up every metal item packed in hand luggage. “If the alarm sounds, travellers are asked to put their bags through the device again. If the alarm continues to sound, officers have to search the bags.”

Although travellers queued for hours, all the flights managed to leave on schedule and most travellers seemed to accept the situation. “We have been in this queue for three quarters of an hour, but we are not bothered. We know that our flight is on time, that is what counts,” said one passenger travelling home to Leeds. “If it’s for safety reasons, I really don’t mind waiting,” said a holidaymaker from Dublin.

Oliveira also said that carrying too much hand luggage could cause problems. “People are taking more and more hand luggage with them, and not removing sharp metal objects from their bags. Travellers should be more careful about what they pack,” he said.