“Wrong body” buried after Faro Hospital mix-up

A terrible mistake at Faro Hospital has led a mourning family from Olhão to bury the wrong body.

The mix-up happened when a 76-year-old woman died at the hospital on Sunday after suffering a stroke.

“During surgery, doctors discovered a tumour and she passed away,” the deceased woman’s brother told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

The woman’s funeral was held two days later, but it was only after the burial that the hospital contacted the family, including her three children, to inform them that the body of another woman had been accidentally released.

“We had a meeting with the hospital’s board and nothing has been decided yet about how the situation is going to be resolved,” said the woman’s daughter.

The hospital’s administration has confirmed and lamented the situation, and expressed its “concern” to the affected family members, adding than an inquiry has been launched to understand what has happened, reports CM.

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