Wrona works on display

This month’s exhibition at the Galeria Porca Preta features Kasia Wrona from Krakow, Poland. Wrona is regarded as one of the most important artists in her country and her art reflects some of the turmoil Poland is undergoing at the moment. She studied fine arts and has exhibited in various countries. Her specialities are fantastic drawings, sketches of people and large oil paintings, measuring up to 200x120cm.

In an interview with The Resident, Wrona explained: “Like any wandering person, I hit upon surprises, see strange and sometimes horrible but beautiful things. I find endless layers of the material and spiritual. I dive into the dark in order to emerge into the pleasure of the light. I am guided by my intuition, my fantasy, my hopes and ideas.” Kasia’s sketches will be exhibited in the Porca Preta bar, her large paintings in the big gallery and her latest works, known as the ‘Marocco’ paintings, created with a mixture of oil and sand, will be on display in the smaller gallery. The exhibition is on until April 3, daily from midday until 9pm hours; closed on Mondays.

• Anyone wishing to visit Porca Preta should phone 282 912 384 or 968 067 607.