Wounded animals collected from Monsanto Park

news: Wounded animals collected from Monsanto Park

AN ANIMAL sanctuary and treatment centre in Lisbon’s Monsanto Park is currently collecting and treating up to 30 wounded animals a month.

The sanctuary, which is visited by 3,000 children a year, treats animals, mostly birds such as crows, rooks, magpies and even domesticated, talking mina birds. Some of the animals, once treated, are returned to the wild, others end up so physically debilitated that the sanctuary has become their permanent home. At any one time, there are at least 50 animals living and being treated at the centre, which is fast becoming a popular local tourist attraction.

Permanent residents are being used by the Nature Conservation Institute to make youngsters aware of the importance of protecting and respecting nature and wildlife, and keeping their natural habitats clean and free from rubbish.

José Rento, warden at the centre since 1993, says magpies have become so tame that they openly seek attention, jumping on tables and even ‘robbing’ the visitors of food. According to statistics released by Espaço Monsanto, the sanctuary receives around 30 wounded animals a month, which are brought in by the GNR in the Greater Lisbon area. These include eagles, seagulls, owls, falcons, crows, rooks, storks and blackbirds. From time to time, the sanctuary also deals with foxes, snakes, badgers and other victims of hunting snares. For more information about Monsanto Park and ongoing activities taking place there, visit www.cm-lisboa.pt/pmonsanto or

Tel 217 710 870.