“Worsening” Covid situation in Algarve doesn’t put people off going to beaches

In spite of all the headlines warning of ‘worsening epidemiological situations’ in various areas of Portugal – not least the Algarve – the truth is nationals are not going to be put off going to the beach.

It’s the summer. It has been another ‘heck-of-a-year’, and people feel they may as well enjoy themselves while they can.

TVI has been out on the beaches of municipalities currently ‘worst hit’ by the pandemic to find beachgoers relaxed, doing their best to comply with all the rules, but ensuring they have a good time all the same.

The bottom line in newspaper reports however continues to be dismal.

Today’s Covid bulletin has flagged another recent record for new cases (2,605 in the last 24-hours) “299 in the Algarve”… hospital numbers are up (to 543), as are numbers in ICUs (now standing at 122).

As regions go, the Algarve now ranks in 3rd place for its tally of new cases, behind Lisbon (on +1,362) and the north (on +557).

The central region is in 4th place, with +273, the Alentejo in 5th with +78, and Azores and Madeira with residual numbers (+29 and +7 respectively).

What no report points out however is that for every new infection – particularly those that are asymptomatic – comes a potential new case of natural immunity (and this has been described positively in the past as being better protection than that conferred by the vaccines click here).

For the time being, however, authorities are not accepting this premise, and require anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 to take at least one dose of vaccine before they can be deemed ‘protected’, or indeed ‘accepted’ as safe.

But these concerns will have been a long way from the minds of those who made it to the nation’s beaches this Saturday: the sea was calm, the sun is still shining, if one can blot-out the constant concerned Covid narrative, it has been a ‘near perfect day’.

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