Worrying story

Dear Editor,

Your story on the German doctor who had to flee the Algarve has to be one of the most worrying I can remember.

It seems there are two possible scenarios – either the doctor was in fact mad (which is worrying in itself to know that he was allowed to practice) or he was unfairly hunted and forced to leave Portugal to avoid being thrown in a mental hospital.

Either way, it is distressing to know that a man was forced to leave the country where he had set up a life due to unclear motivations. What would lead authorities to want to stick him in a mental institute if he in fact did nothing wrong?
I’m sure many other people like me hope that this case will be adequately explained soon by someone.

Anne J., Lagos

Editor’s note: We have asked Dr Reisert to give us more details on this story which, as you say, leaves far too many questions.