World’s strongest men face off at Zoomarine

Ten of the world’s strongest men will be battling it out in what is expected to be a great display of muscle power at Guia’s Zoomarine theme park this Saturday (July 5), as part of the international Strongman Champions League competition.
Starting at 11am, the athletes, who include the Portuguese Adérito Santos and Luís Batista, Welshman Simon Johnston, Bjorn Solvang from Norway and Sergio Fernandez from Spain, will compete in three brute force strength tests.
The first will take place at the park’s Dolphin Stadium, with a resistance challenge in which the men will have to hold up a 30kg heavy weight with their arms totally stretched out in front of them for as long as possible.
Zoomarine Beach will host the second event at 12.15pm, in which athletes will lift up a 150kg iron pole above their heads. The winner will be the competitor who is able to lift the pole the most amount of times before the timer runs out.
Finally, at 1.30pm near the Zoomarine Beach, their strength will be put to the final test by pulling an 18-ton bus across a 20-metre distance in the shortest amount of time possible.
In between the challenges and at the end of the competition, athletes will be available for photos and autographs.
The challenge will later be aired on European sports channel Eurosport.
It will be the second year in a row that the Algarve hosts one of the competition’s grand prix events, as Tavira hosted last year.
If you’re interested in seeing this ‘tour de force’, you can benefit from a 25% discount by printing the cover photo of Zoomarine’s Facebook page and presenting it at the ticket booth, said the park’s press officer Diogo Rojão.
Tickets cost €29 for adults and €19 for children up to 10 or seniors over 64.