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World’s oldest dog dies

The world’s oldest living dog, a dachshund named Chanel (pictured), died this week aged 21, which is 147 in canine years.

Chanel died of natural causes at her owner’s home in a suburb outside of New York on Monday, August 31.

The dachshund was as stylish as her namesake, wearing tinted goggles in her later years when she was suffering from cataracts and stylish jumpers to protect her from the cold.

The white furred dachshund was just six weeks old when her owner, Denice Shaughnessy, adopted her from a shelter while she was serving with the US army.

Chanel joined her owner on an assignment in Germany for nine years where stealing licks of butter and hiding them in sofa cushions became a habit of the mischievous pup.

Officials from Guinness World Records presented Chanel with a certificate stating she was the world’s oldest dog at a birthday party thrown for her in Manhattan.