Traveller in Lagos

‘World’s longest possible train journey’ starts in Lagos

Lagos has been pinpointed by online rail buffs as the starting point for the world’s longest possible train journey.

According to a route created by Reddit user htGoSEVe, the journey would last around three weeks and take travellers through 13 countries, including Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and finally Singapore.

The route was first posted online two years ago and has since undergone a series of corrections, although it remains until today a talking point among curious travellers and train enthusiasts.

Mark Smith of, a rail expert who assisted with trip calculations, said at the time that the trip would technically take 21 days to complete, including several overnight stops to factor in the time needed to process documents like visas, as well as securing seats at connecting trains.

Overall, the amount of money needed for train tickets alone would amount roughly to US$1,350 (around €1,233).

Some have since suggested that the train journey could be made even longer by starting in Vila Real de Santo António in the eastern Algarve.

The full Reddit page, which shows the map along with the most recent corrections and changes made to the route, can be found online.