Image taken by Philip Adams

World’s largest wooden sailing ship on way to Portugal

Götheborg of Sweden should arrive in Lisbon on September 5

The world’s largest active wooden sailing ship is off once again on an amazing two-year tour, taking in Europe and Asia – and it will be arriving in Portugal at the beginning of September.

The full-sized replica of an 18th century ship that sank outside Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1745, Götheborg of Sweden is coming to the capital for the first time.

The plan is to stop for four days (between September 5-8), allowing visitors onboard to experience what it’s like to be inside an authentic vessel from such an illustrious past.

Götheborg of Sweden will dock at Cais Rocha Conde de Óbidos in the Tejo before heading off for the Mediterranean.

The mission, says the ship’s website, is to “promote trade and create new business opportunities”.

In fact, the site explains how the boat is keen to attract new deckhands who will learn how to sail an 18th century ship!

For those however who simply want to visit; hear the stories, “feel the authentic atmosphere”, and enjoy a very different day out, online candidacy is required. 

Anyone winning a day onboard will “learn of the history of the East India shipping companies” and of the original Götheborg’s voyages.

Says Alberto Laplaine Guimarães, of Lisbon City Council, “the presence of this ship on the Tejo river will be a great moment, full of meaning for the capital, giving us the opportunity to know more about this expedition which is based on human values, innovation and sustainability”.

The ship  requires a crew of 70 to sail, but actually only has 20 professionals on board. The rest are made up from volunteers/ members of the public who seek to become sailors for a day…

Right now, Götheborg of Sweden is on its way to Bremerhaven (Germany) where it will have a short stop-over before heading for Lisbon.

For those keen to meet it in the capital, click here.