World’s first drying and ironing machine in Algarve.jpg

World’s first drying and ironing machine in Algarve

Driron, the only drying and ironing cupboard on the market, will be demonstrated at Elite Kitchens in Lagoa on Tuesday, December 11, at 3.30pm.

The space age looking machine can be placed anywhere in the home and as well as drying and ironing, the Driron also has a refresher button, a short programme that just freshens up clothes.

As shirts, skirts and trousers are hanging while being dried and ironed, they don’t wear as much as they do with normal dryers and irons.

Do go along and see this machine at work, leaving you with precious time for yourself and your family. During the presentation, a champagne cocktail and nibbles will be served.

Elite Kitchens is located at the industrial park opposite the Fatacil precinct in Lagoa. For more information, please call 282 353 664.