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World Post Day marked with new stamps

NEW STAMPS with a school theme were launched on Monday by CTT Correios de Portugal, Portugal’s Post Office, to celebrate World Post Day.

In addition, it has signed an agreement under the scope of the National Literacy Plan with the aim of encouraging school pupils to use the written word and communicate more via letter.

The launch of the new stamps took place simultaneously at selected schools in Faro, Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Évora, Ponta Delgada and Funchal on October 9.  

In Faro, the ceremony took place at the EB1 nº2 de Faro – Agrupamento Afonso III, a primary school in Largo do Carmo close to the city’s main post office.

The official presentation was made by CTT director, Sérgio Pinho, who offered the school a special kit containing sets of writing paper, envelopes, postcards and stamps in order for an internal postal system to be set up.

This is aimed at not only encouraging pupils to put pen to paper, rather than using text messages and MSN Messenger to communicate, but also to get the children working as a team, with each taking on a task in the mini “post office”.

Teachers and children were offered special first day sets of the new stamps.

Also, as part of the commemorations for World Post Day, CTT Correios de Portugal donated books and notice boards to schools throughout the country.