World music festival in Faro

Faro’s historic old city area is hosting the first world music event on September 2 and 3.

Festival Adentro includes a diverse musical programme, which opens with Anonima Nuvolari at Claustros do Museu on September 2 from 10pm.

This band consists of five Italians, all living in Portugal, who will play sounds from Italy’s musical heritage. From 11pm, Colombian band La Chiva Gantiva goes on stage at Largo Afonso III.

The group, based in Brussels, will present their latest work, which has received positive comments by critics. The album was produced by Richard Blair, who has worked with Peter Gabriel.

On September 3 from 10pm, Claustros do Museu receives the greatest musical revelation of 2011 in the Portuguese music scene, Frankie Chavez. Frankie Chavez’s music combines different types of sounds. The result is a Blues/Folk with a mix of raw and psychedelic sounds. His musical influences are Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Kelly Joe Phelps and Ry Cooder.

The Spanish band La Selva Sur closes the festival at 11pm on the stage at Largo Afonso III, with the presentation of their first album La Gran Orquesta Kamástronica de la Zanfoña Galáctica.

The show will take the audience on a journey through Havana, New Orleans, London, Belgrade, Bucharest and Jerez, featuring swing, reggae, ska, salsa, and rap.

For more information, please call 969 457 580 or 919 192 090, or email [email protected]