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World music and dance in Lagos

Lagos Cultural Centre will be hosting two performances that aim to present the differences between dance movement in the East and the West this month.

Organisers of the ‘World Music and Dance Series, East-West’, IBéRICA Eventos & Espectáculos explain these differences: “In the west, people dance with their feet and the body moves harmoniously although in a rigid way.

“In the east, Indian and Chinese dances use the whole body, including shoulders, eyes, mouth, tapping feet and clapping hands.

“Erudite music of the west is smooth, in the east it is raw. These are only some of peculiar, more noticeable differences between both cultures.”

Sinqur Sa Di Ensemble from Egypt will be taking to the stage on June 29 from 9.30pm while La Porteña Tango from Argentina performs the following day at the same time.

Tickets cost €10 per person and can be booked by telephone on 282 770 450.