World march

Tavira is now on the map of the World March for Peace as British resident Lyndal Bale led a multinational music and dance event in Praça da República on October 2 to mark the start of the World March at the same time as other events all over the world.

Tune in Tavira linked with Tune the World March, an idea from Italy which invited people worldwide to give voice simultaneously on the note C, the note of the Earth’s vibration.

In Portuguese and English, Carlos Soares and Lyndal Bale introduced the World March and explained the purpose of the Tavira event.

The local drumming group, Espírito do Tambor, led the marchers, after which Lyndal and singers led the OM on C and the peace songs. The drummers gave a recital of African rhythms followed by a performance by the Santo Estêvão folk ranch.

The evening ended with a jazz session by the new trio Chips Salsa and Jazz.  The World March for Peace spans three months, finishing on January 2, 2010. An event is being organised to commemorate Armistice Day on November 11 and the Algarve organisers will link up with other Portuguese supporters in Lisbon on November 13 and with Toledo in Spain on November 14 when the International March passes through the city.

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