World leaders comments

WORLD LEADERS, politicians and political analysts have greeted the news that George Bush has been re-elected as US president with mixed feelings. Here are some of their views:

British Prime

Minister, Tony Blair:

“I congratulated President Bush on his victory and said to Senator Kerry that I thought he had fought an outstanding campaign that had helped make the election a true celebration of American democracy, and he should be proud of that.Such is the strength of the United States, that the election of its President is an event of genuine significance right around the world. It is of particular significance to Britain, not least because America and the United Kingdom have a unique bond through our shared history and traditions and above all through our shared belief in the values of freedom and democracy. It is an important part of our own British national interest that the British Prime Minister protect and strengthen that bond between our two countries. I sought to do that first with President Clinton and then with President Bush. I look forward to continuing that strong relationship in President Bush’s second term.”

Portuguese Prime Minister, Santana Lopes:

“George W Bush’s second term in the White House will reinforce the excellent relationship between our two countries and our people.”

Portuguese President, Jorge Sampaio:

“In my experience, many times a second mandate can serve to correct errors made during the first term.”

President of the EU Commission, Romano Prodi:

“Europe will continue to work to increase the bonds of friendship and co-operation with the US. These bonds are vital to maintain peace in the world.”

German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder:

“At the beginning of your second term, the world stands before great challenges: international terrorism, the danger of the spread of weapons of mass destruction, regional crises, but poverty, climate change and epidemics also threaten our security and stability.

These challenges can only be mastered together. With great expectation, I see our continued co-operation on the basis of the close friendship between Germany and the United States.”

Russian President, Vladimir Putin:

“I rejoice that the American people did not allow themselves to be scared and made the right decision.”

Iraqi Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi:

“The United States liberated us from a dictator from a very long period of war and agony. We will always be grateful to America for what it has done and continues to do.”

Swedish Prime Minister, Goran Persson:

“It was a divided nation that went to the polls. It is an incumbent president in a situation where a great part of the nation experiences that it is at war with terrorism.

The economy is moving in the right direction. These two issues together should have given Bush a clear victory. Despite this, it was very narrow. This shows the US is divided.

French President, Jacques Chirac:

“We will be unable to find satisfying responses to the numerous challenges that confront us today without a close trans-Atlantic partnership. France and the United States have been called upon to play an essential role.”

Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero:

“I would like to express the desire of the Spanish government to contribute to a relationship based on efficient and constructive co-operation with the government of the United States, with President Bush.”

Polish President, Aleksander Kwasniewski:

“Terrorism has to be rejected in today’s world and in this respect George Bush is a very decisive leader who is right, simply right.”

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi:

“Bush will keep up that policy that gives the United States the role of promoting freedom in the world.”

Australian Prime Minister, John Howard:

“I congratulate President Bush on a quite remarkable win. It was strong and emphatic not only through the popular vote but also the victories he’s had in the House of Representatives and the Senate. This was a strong reaffirmation of his leadership of the United States in its fight against world terrorism. It’s a victory for the anti-terrorist cause. It’s a signal to the rest of the world that it must redouble its efforts to unite, to combat the threat that terrorism represents to all of us because of the values that we hold and the attitude to life that we take.”

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert:

“Now that Mr Bush is elected, we are very happy and we congratulate the American people for their choice.”

Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook:

“I’m not sure in the light of the last four years whether the Bush team have got the skills to heal a divided America. Not only do we have a divided America but also we have a president who is highly polarising in his approach to world politics.”

A spokesman for United Nations General-Secretary, Kofi Annan:

“The head of the international body is committed to working with the next Bush administration on a whole range of issues facing the United Nations and the world.”