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World kite surf competition hits Lisbon

Guincho Beach, near Cascais, is hosting this year’s Wave Masters World Cup competition between September 4 and 10, as part of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour. Guincho beach is considered to have some of the best conditions in Europe for kite surfing, with its incredible waves that blast energy into the kites and the contest as a whole.

This stage of the Kiteboard Pro World Tour is just one of eight which make up the tour, and some of the finest and most talented kite surfers are vying for the top spot. Portuguese kite surf champion, Arnaud Gussen, is competing with fellow natives, Nuno Figueiredo, Tiago Rocha and João Correia. Spain’s José Luengo and Gisela Pulido, the 2005 champions, are riding the waves to defend their world number one titles.

The event consists of two rounds, followed by the quarter finals, semi finals and, of course, the final. Spectators can watch the exciting heats for free, and refreshments are available. For more information visit