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World Animal Day

A PLEA was sent out to children and parents of São Lourenço International School to give financial donations or animal food to the Quintinha dos Animais Abandonados animal shelter in Goldra yesterday (Thursday) to mark World Animal Day.

After witnessing a mule collapse on the street, local resident Andrea Hoppmanns-Graham, from Almancil, contacted the Quintinha dos Animais Abandonados to enlist their help.

Ms Lourdes from the shelter went to a camp where Andrea knew the mule had been taken. They managed to convince the owner to sell it to them and Lucky now shares a small area with another mule and a donkey.

When Lucky first arrived, his bones were protruding from his body and he had sustained many wounds through neglect and cruelty. He was extremely weak but the staff at the shelter have managed to nurse him back to health and he is beginning to recover.

The shelter has around 200 cats, 400 dogs, mules, geese, donkeys and many other animals, which need around 90kg of food per day.

The average monthly running costs are 6,000 euros. Therefore, Andrea sent a plea to the school to mark World Animal Day.

If you would like to support the Quintinha dos Animais Abandonados, please call Ms Lourdes on 916 136 011.

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